sobota, 8 października 2016

Long time no see!

Hello everybody! 
I wasn't logging here for quite a long time - more than two years now. It does not mean I've lost my interest in crocheting, no! I've been crocheting more than ever, and made some really lovely creations. Most of them can be viewed on my Facebook fanpage, though I will show you some of them today.

My recent favorite, Belisama, made out of the free Yun Shu pattern (available on Ravelry). The dress was my design and the hair is made out of roving wool. The eyes are crocheted. She's got pipe cleaners in her arms so she's poseable.

Another doll made in the last months - this time one of my favorite patterns, Mini Free Spirit by Beth from By Hook, By Hand blog. This was my sixth or seventh doll made out of this pattern and definitely not the last!

I've also had a chance to have a small stand with my crocheted stuff at an anime convention in the Polish city of Łódź. Not all of those were for sale, but I've earned some okay money. 

And another doll based on the Mini Free Spirit pattern. I wasn't really satisfied with her, as I made her dress unremovable and her hair turned out not like I wanted it to be, but she's still cute.

I am planning on returning to crochet blogging and publishing my patterns for free - I've made quite a lot of them last years, so keep your eye on my blog :) 

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