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Aurora Mini Doll Pattern + my mothers works

Hi everyone! I finally made another doll pattern, this time with hair, dress and joining legs tutorials!
I always wanted to make a tiny doll, enough small to keep her in a purse or even use as a keychain. She turned out a bit bigger than I expected, but I still like her looks. 
I hope you'll like her :)

The pattern is very easy, the only things you need to know to make her are:
*...* - repeat around until you have the number of stitches that is in brackets.
sc - single crochet
st - stitch
sl st - slip stitch
dec - 2 stitches togeter, sc2tog
inc - 2 single crochets in one stitch.
how to make magic (adjustable)  ring

Pattern for the Aurora Mini Doll:

- Before sewing head to body, work on face and hair. It's harder to make them when the doll parts are sewn together.
When sewing a doll, you can wrap some yarn between head and body, to make it less wobbly.

1. magic ring, 4 sc in ring
2. increase around (8)
3. *sc, inc* (12)
4. *2 sc, inc*  (16)
5. *3 sc, inc* (20)
6. - 10. sc in each st around (20) 
11. *3 sc, dec* (16)
12. *2 sc, dec* (12)
13. *sc, dec* (8)
14. sl st, leave long tail for sewing.

1. magic ring, 4 sc in ring (4)
2. *sc, inc* (6)
3. *2 sc, inc* (8)
4. - 8. sc in each st (8) 
stuff and make second leg:
1. magic ring, 4 sc in ring (4)
2. *sc, inc* (6)
3. *2 sc, inc* (8)
4. - 8. sc in each st (8) 
do not fasten off second leg.
Join it to the other leg with a sl st. Change to dress color and crochet a round of scs on joined legs (16) as shown on photos:

1. - 4. sc in each st (16)
5. *6 sc, dec* (14)
6. *5 sc, dec* (12)
7. sc in each st (12)
start stuffing body here
8. *4 sc, dec* (10)
9. sc in each st (10)
10. *3 sc, dec* (8)
11. sc in each st (8)
finish stuffing body, sl st, leave a long tail for sewing.

1. magic ring, 4 sc in ring (4)
2. *sc, inc* (6)
3. one inc around (7)
4. - 6. sc in each (7)
7. one dec around (6)
8. sc in each st (6)
Sl st, leave a long tail for sewing.
Arms do not need stuffing.


Change hook to smaller one. You can also change color of yarn if you wish.
1. (working in front loops of 3rd round of the body) sc in each st. (16) join round with a sl st, ch 2, turn
2. inc in each st (32) join with sl st, but don't make ch 2 and don't turn!
3. *sc, inc* around (48)
4. sc in each st (48)
change yarn to edging color:
5. *11 sc, inc*  (52) join with a sl st
You can also add decorative frills:
ch 6, attach to next st with sl, repeat around.

For face you can use felt, french knots, sequins, buttons, anything you like.
I made the doll's face with glued on felt shapes.
You can also use safety eyes, if you know where to buy tiny ones :)

You can make hair your own way - there's a lot of great tutorials on the internet.
The techinque I use here is:
1. Wrap some yarn around a book.
2. Cut one side of it
3. Divide yarn into some groups
4. Sew it to the dolls head with the similar color thread

Sew the doll now.  

The final doll should look like this, but you can improvise too!

Please do not redistribute this pattern without giving me a credit :)


Me and my mother finally decided to make an Etsy shop! We don't have anything in store yet, so I'll put up the link when we'll list something to sell. 
My mom is a maker of wonderful, decorative clothespins, made with technique of decoupage. Here you can see one of my favorite sets, which will be available for sale soon.

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