czwartek, 31 maja 2012

Viola and Lydia

Hi everyone!
In this post I want to introduce someone to you - their names are Viola and Lydia, they were "born" in May, 2012. One of them is from my improvised pattern, the second one is made of Free Spirit Doll Pattern.

Viola is the blonde one, while Lydia is a lovely brunette.

I like them both very much, neverminding the fact they took me so much time and work (I am very unpatient, so try to imagine how happy I was when I finished them after some hours of working)

Viola was kind of spontaneous work - one day I was very bored and I made a head. I forgot about it and it landed in my yarn basket.  After some months I found her head and thought I should finally do something...
I have about 4 heads lying on my shelf and waiting for their bodies...

And some of Violet's details:

Ps. I received a Spring Fairy pattern from Lous Labors to test - I can't wait to make one! :]

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