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Ida Pattern (basic female doll)

Hello everyone! Here's my first pattern, which I wanted to publish. It's called "Ida Doll" and it's body only, so you can make face and hair your favorite way. If you don't know how to crochet doll clothes - some patterns will be available soon :)

Here are some useful tutorials, if my explanations aren't enough:
- Joining legs
- Attaching hair
- Attaching hair 2

You can use yarn and hook of your choice, depending on how big you want the doll to be.
I used Altin Basak Miya yarn (134 yards/50g, 8ply) and 1.25 mm hook.
Stuff the doll with cottonwool, yarn scraps or whatever you like.

inc = 2sc in one st
dec = sc2tog
sl st = slip stitch
*...* = repeat until you have the number of stitches that is written in brackets

Working from top to bottom.
1. magic ring, 5 sc in ring (5)
2. inc in each st (10)
3. *inc, sc* (15)
4. *inc, 2 sc* (20)
5. *inc, 3 sc* (25)
6. - 12. sc in each st (25) 
- start stuffing here
13. *3 sc, dec* (20)
14. *2 sc, dec* (15) 
- stuff more
15. *sc, dec* (10)
Fasten off with a sl st, leaving a long tail for sewing.

We start with making two separate legs, working from the toe.
Tips:  If you want your doll to have shoes already, start with a contrasting color and change to skin color after some rounds. You can put pipecleaners inside the legs, so you can bend them.
1. magic ring, 5 sc in ring (5)
2. inc in each st (10)
3. - 4. - sc in each st (10)
5. dec, sc in next 7 sts. (8)
6. - 14. sc in each st (8)
Stuff leg, fasten off with a sl st. Leave a short tail (you should hide it in the body later.)
Make second leg.
Hold legs together, insert hook through one loop in each and yarn over.
Continue crocheting on stitches of both legs, until you have 16 stitches - this is how the body starts.
1. - 7. sc in each st (16)
8. dec, 6 sc, dec, 6 sc (14)
9. - 15. sc in each st (14)
16. dec, 5 sc, dec, 5 sc (12)
17. sc in each st (12)
Fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing.

Arms (make two):
1. magic ring, 5 sc in ring (5)
2. inc in each st (10)
3. - 6. sc in each st (10)
7. dec, 3 sc, dec, 3 sc (8)
8. sc in each st (8)
9. dec, 2 sc, dec, 2 sc (6)
10. - 16. sc in each st (6)
Fasten off with a sl st, leaving a long tail for sewing. When you have two arms, sew them to body. You can stuff them or put pipecleaners in them, too.

Sew parts together, make face, clothes, hair and enjoy your new doll!
Clothing patterns will be available soon :)

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  1. Hi! This pattern is very well done. I actually used it to make a doll of Merida (from the movie Brave)! Here's the link to check it out: http://lesglorydays30.deviantart.com/art/Merida-Amigurumi-314656595

    1. Thank you very much! Your Merida turned out very, very cute!

  2. Love your pattern.

    Just a question/correction??

    Line 4... You have 10 stitches... then Line 5 you need to decrease, shouldn't you then sc 8, to make (9), then sc round the rest for (9) stitches? Otherwise you've dropped a stitch somewhere?

    1. Oh yes, thank you for the correction!
      I forgot to write that you should skip one stitch when you crochet the next 7 scs after dec :)