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Miniature Pug Pattern

Hi again! 
I've been crocheting a lot in the recent weeks, and even wrote down some patterns. One of the patterns I wrote down was a pattern for miniature pug toy (perfect for a keychain!), which was a huge success - people in crochet groups asked if I can share the pattern and I've decided to do it.

It's very easy to make and it can be made with yarn scraps, as it uses just a small bit of it, as well as of filling. If you don't have safety eyes, you can use felt or embroider them. This makes a nice, quick project - if you crochet fast, like me, you can finish the pug in 30 minutes :)
The only things you need are yarn in the dog's coat colors (I used beige and black), some stuffing and two safety eyes (I used 8mm eyes).

Abbreviations (US Terminology):
sc - single crochet
inc - increase
dec - decrease
(...) - number of stitches in the round.
Do not join rounds! (work in continuous spirals)

1. magic ring, 6 sc in ring (6)
2. increase around (12)
3. *sc, inc* around (18)
4. *2 sc, inc* around (24)
5. - 12. sc around (24)
(insert safety eyes between rounds 7 and 8)
13. *2 sc, dec* around (18)
Secure the body, put it aside and make the MOUTH part now. Once you're done, sew the
mouth somewhere around round 8. Insert safety eyes on both sides of the mouth, slightly
higher than the mouth itself, then continue on making the body/head.
Stuff the body.
14. *sc, dec* around (12)
- stuff more
15. Dec around (6)
Cut the yarn and use a needle to weave it through the 6sc in round 15. Then pull the hole
closed and weave in the end.

1. magic ring, 7 sc in ring, then slip stitch in the magic ring

EARS: (make 2)
1. magic ring, make 5 sc in ring.
Do not join, fasten off and leave enough yarn to sew the ears on.
Sew the ears on the same height as eyes.

PAWS: (make 4)
1. magic ring, make 4 sc in ring
2. sc around (4)
Fasten off, cut yarn, leave tail long enough to sew it on.
Sew the paws to the body.
They should be placed at equal distance around the base of the body, to form a square.

1. Chain 5, turn, 2 sc in each stitch of the chain.
Curl the tail and sew it to the back of the body.

(another example of a pug made out of this pattern)

Feel free to make tiny pugs for your friends and family - you can also sell those in small quantities, but please credit me as the pattern designer if you sell online.
I hope you will have fun crocheting this quick project :)

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